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Custom Website
Complete custom web design
Unlimited Revisions
Web design by certified professionals – NO TEMPLATES
You own your web design - One time cost for web design
Multiple initial design concepts to choose from (by different designers)
Dedicated contact personnel for your project
FREE customer contact form - Get leads/feedback from website in your email
FREE sitemap page
Unlimited branded emails with web hosting
Full service - design, hosting and help all in one place if needed
True 24 X 7 customer support via phone
100% Money back guarantee
Featured Services
Unique Full Custom Web Design
Unlimited Revisions
Pre Designed Template Customization
CD Presentation-Flash and PowerPoint
Web Hosting & Domain Registration
Search Engine Optimization
Logo & Corporate Identity Design
Payment Gateway & Merchant Accounts
Turn Around Time
We can only work as fast as client allows us; turn around time is client dependent. If contents are provided sooner, initial and on going instructions are clear, revisions requested are reasonable, turn around time is usually very less. On the other hand it could drastically increase due to client in-actions, delayed mockup approvals, back and forth change requests etc. 95% of our customers have not bought our express service and still have experienced a great turn around time. The turnaround times that we give are based on actual statistics of jobs we have done in the past and are NOT guaranteed.
Express Service Option
Normally to provide clients with exceptional quality service at a low cost we require sufficient turn around time for revisions. This could be anywhere between 2 to several days per round of revision which depends on complexity of revision requested, contents, instructions, response time & inputs from clients, etc. However we understand that sometimes a faster turn around is required to meet certain deadlines or events. For an additional fee on any package and add-ons, we offer an guaranteed express service for a quicker turn around. There is no loss in quality or creativity. However this service is based on certain terms and conditions including but not limited to the fact that we cannot deliver the express service if multiple rounds of revisions are requested and that turn around time starts only after we get all required final contents, pictures, instructions etc. The turnaround times that we give are based on actual statistics of jobs we have done in the past and are NOT guaranteed.